Filipa Madeira, “The Legitimating Role of Threat Perception and Immigrant-Provider Contact in Healthcare Bias ” (October 20th, 14.30)

Filipa Madeira presents. Here’s the abstract:

“Recent evidence suggests that immigrants frequently tend to receive a lower quality of healthcare. We examined whether this bias in healthcare treatment is associated with a legitimizing process involving two psychosocial mechanisms: threat perception and level of intergroup contact. Using a survey of 186 primary healthcare professionals we found that, in participants with high levels of intergroup contact (but not with low levels), the relationship between prejudice-based attitudes and treatment bias was mediated by perceptions that immigrants represent a threat to public health. This pattern of results suggests that perceiving immigrants as a threat to healthcare services is indicative of providers’ engagement in a legitimating process of self-reported biased treatment, making this engagement necessary only for providers with greater levels of contact with immigrants in the context of healthcare services.”



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