Anna Kandyla, “Who are the citizens’ in the European Citizens’ Initiative?” (December 7th, 14.30).

Anna, who is visiting from the EUI, presented a paper on the European Citizens’s Initiative, a draft chapter on her dissertation. Here’s a paragraph describing her objectives:

“The chapter begins with a descriptive examination of the awareness and appeal of the ECI among the public. Section 2 then defines the character of the ECI as a form of participation targeting the EU and discusses the ways in which a) individual skills, and b) attitudes towards both the EU and the national levels of governance relate to the likelihood to participate in the ECI. The literature is reviewed and testable hypotheses are developed. The hypotheses are tested with cross-sectional Eurobarometer survey data covering the period 2012 to 2015. The chapter concludes with discussion of what the results of the analyses tell us about the prospects of citizen engagement in EU-level politics beyond elections.”



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