Carlos Martins (ICS): Fascism and Ideology: Fascist Leaders and their “Weltanschauung”

Carlos presented work related to this political theory dissertation on Fascist ideology. From the Intro:

“Since its very beginning, the fascist phenomenon has been dealt by researchers and intellectuals in general in a variety of different ways, some of them apparently irreconcilable. According to Garau (2015), academic studies on fascism are split in two main different approaches: one of them paying much attention to ideology as a crucial element to understand fascism, while the other sees ideology as something less important, if not totally irrelevant. The former approach can be considered as the predominant one nowadays, for most researchers do pay attention to ideology as something relevant to understand the phenomenon of fascism and important theorists and ideologues like Giovani Gentile and Carl Schmidt have already been subject of several studies.” IMG_0190


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