Alice Ramos “The impact of values on attitudes towards immigration: the view of natives and im(e)migrants”

Alice presented a paper focusing on immigrants’ views about new immigrants. Here’s the first paragraph:

“European contemporary societies are getting more and more diverse and nothing makes us suppose that this tendency will regress. This diversity is largely originated by the migratory dynamics that characterise the present world. According to the International Migration Report , the number of international migrants worldwide has continued to grow rapidly over the past fifteen years reaching 244 million in 2015. During the last decades these fluxes of people have been particularly intense in Europe that has witnessed different contexts and causes – from the drama lived by the refugees to the human capital flight caused by the economic crisis that affected some European countries; from the pre-crisis arrival of many economic migrants to their departure during the crisis – the social landscape suffered considerable changes that in a way or another, with more or less intensity, influenced peoples’ lives and beliefs.”

Alice Ramos


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