Pedro Magalhães and Tiago Abril “Favorable Outcomes, Procedural Fairness, Political Support: Lab Experiments”


Pedro presented his and Tiago’s paper on favorable outcomes, procedural fairness and political support. Here’s the first paragraph:

“Several authors demonstrate that people care not only for political outcomes, but also about the way those outcomes are generated, the fairness in the process. Research has reported not only interactive effects between outcomes and procedures, but showed that the fairer the procedures, the less people seem to care about outcomes (Brockner and Wiesenfeld 1996; Gangl 2003; Grimmelikhuijsen and Meijer 2014; Van Dijke and Verboon 2010; Wilking and Zhang 2017). The results from our last online survey also support this effect. Although there is an empirically supported theoretical body, some aspects remain unclear. Qne first unclear aspect is the extent to which procedural fairness and outcome favorability matter for people when reacting to political and policy decisions. For instants, Esaiasson et al. (2016) suggest that “decision acceptance” is more driven by outcome favorability than by procedural fairness, but our online survey suggests the opposite. A second unclear aspect relates with the possible different effects from dimensions of procedural and which might be more consequential for political support. The previous results from our online survey suggest different effects from different dimension of procedural fairness. A third unclear aspect is if the process-outcome interaction applied when political support is concerned.  Our online survey suggests the existence of strong mediations, but also a tendency for interactions.”

Pedro Magalhães


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