REP – Representativeness of Social Partners and the Impact of Economic Governance

PI: Raquel Rego


The REP project aims to understand the conditions and implications of the representativeness of social partners in economic governance. In democratic societies, social partners play a fundamental regulatory role of the labour market, representativeness providing them legitimacy to be consulted and to negotiate. However, representativeness is enveloped in a puzzle and scarce research tends to restrict representativeness to a membership rate and to focus on one side of labour relations, trade unions. Assuming that representativeness is a multifaceted concept, the REP project will,  for the first time, combine membership representativeness with composition and opinion congruence between representatives and represented. Also, the REP project will focus on both trade unions and employers’ associations, having into account their different collective interests. In brief, the REP project intends to contribute to a more informed decision-making process, more transparent and trustful organisations, and fairer labour relations.


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