This is the website of the Research Group on Social and Political Attitudes of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon. We are political scientists, sociologists, and social psychologists working at ICS with a particular focus on quantitative and experimental methods, applied to the study of political behaviour and support, social differences and identities, and the nature and consequences of social values. In particular, our research includes:

  • The determinants of political support, political participation and voting behaviour.
  • Identities and social differences, including the formation of collective identities, social exclusion, discrimination, and other reactions to social diversity.
  • Social values, including the abstract ends people value more in their lives, how they are reflected in social behaviour, and what determines them.
  • Decision-making processes in socially critical situations.

We hold weekly meetings open to the public, with paper and project discussions, every Thursday at 2.30pm, at ICS-ULisbon.