Some of the research projects coordinated by SPARC members:

MAPLE-(Measuring and Analysing European Politicization before and after the Eurozone Crisis)-in ERC Consolidator Project no. 682125 (Marina Costa Lobo, principal investigator)

COMM.UNIONS – New and old communication strategies of trade unions (Raquel Rego).

The professionalization of spatial planners in Portugal (Raquel Rego, with João Mourato).

ETUC/CEEP project on improving social partners’ involvement in EU support for pubic investments in training and education (Raquel Rego with Maria Manuel Vieira – coordinated by Eckhard Voss – Wilke, Maack and Partnerm – and Barbara de Micheli – Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini).

European Social Survey/Inquérito Social Europeu (Jorge Vala, national coordinator).

Meritocracy and Socially Critical Decisions Towards Low Status Groups (Rui Costa Lopes).

MOPACT – Mobilizing the Potencial of Active Ageing in Europe (Rui Costa Lopes & Amílcar Moreira).

Voting Rules and Electoral Biases (Luís Aguiar-Conraria and Pedro C. Magalhães).

Capture Risks of Regulatory Agencies in Portugal (Susana Coroado)

Twenty-First Century Parliaments: How and why European parliaments are using internet? (Sofia Serra da Silva)

POEMA ─ Study of Ex-combatants in Angola (Tilman Brück)