Some SPARC members’ research projects:

CLAVE – The social development of human values in childhood and early adolescence (PI Alice Ramos, Co-PI Ricardo Rodrigues)

MiLD: Nobody’s fault but your own: The role of Meritocracy in Legal Decisions towards low status group members (PI Rui Costa Lopes, Co-PI Jorge Vala)

IASPP- Infraestrutura das Atitudes Sociais e Políticas dos Portugueses 

OQD- Observatory of the Quality of Democracy (coord. Marina Costa Lobo)

PASSDA- Production and Archive of Social Science Data (Jorge Vala, Chief Investigator; Research Team: Marina Costa Lobo, Pedro Magalhães, Pedro Moura Ferreira, Alice Ramos)

MAPLE-(Measuring and Analysing European Politicization before and after the Eurozone Crisis)-in ERC Consolidator Project no. 682125 (Marina Costa Lobo, Principal Investigator; Team Members: Roberto Pannico, Susana Rogeiro Nina; Yani Kartalis)

Meritocracy and Socially Critical Decisions Towards Low Status Groups (Rui Costa Lopes).

MOPACT – Mobilizing the Potencial of Active Ageing in Europe (Rui Costa Lopes & Amílcar Moreira).

Voting Rules and Electoral Biases (Luís Aguiar-Conraria and Pedro C. Magalhães).

Capture Risks of Regulatory Agencies in Portugal (Susana Coroado)

Twenty-First Century Parliaments: How and why European parliaments are using internet? (Sofia Serra da Silva)

POEMA ─ Study of Ex-combatants in Angola (Tilman Brück)

DIRESOC- Digitalisation and restructuring : which social dialogue ?  coordinated by the University of Liège – LENTIC Research Center in New Ways of Working, Innovation and Change/IRENE network, funded by the European Commission – coordinator: Frédéric Naedenoen – ref. VP/2017/004 (Raquel Rego, Researcher Member- Portuguese representative in the European project )

RELEPAGI  From Representation to Legitimacy? Political Parties and Interest Groups in Southern Europe – (PTDC/IVC­CPO/1864/2014), coordinated by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa/FCSH/IPRI-NOVA, funded by FCT – coordinator: Marco Lisi – ref. PTDC/IVC­CPO/1864/2014 ( Raquel RegoFilipa Raimundo Researcher Members)