MOPACT – Mobilizing the Potencial of Active Ageing in Europe (Rui Costa Lopes & Amílcar Moreira)

The starting point for MOPACT is the ambitious goals set by Horizon 2020 and the European Innovation Partnership Pilot Project on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPAHA). Our response is ambitious too: we aim to provide the research and practical evidence upon which Europe can make longevity an asset for social and economic development.

MOPACT will create a high quality, multi-disciplinary critical mass of leading researchers and, in the closest possible partnership with stakeholders and through a carefully planned iterative process, build a compendium of essential state-of-the-art and foresight intelligence upon which to develop the policy, practice, service and product developments and innovations required to meet the goals of Horizon 2020 and, in particular, the EIPAHA. Active and healthy ageing is the primary focus of MOPACT and it will build on the momentum created by EY2012.

My (Rui) specific contribution to this project (within a team composed by Amilcar Moreira – ICS-UL, also a SPARC member – and Hannah Swift and Dominic Abrams – University of Kent) aims to identify mechanisms that allows us to overcome the negative stereotypes about senior citizens that hamper their prospects for active citizenship.

Specifically, our goals are:

  • Identify and understand the different societal representations of senior citizens in the UK and Portugal (Study 1).
  • Identify the prevalence of different societal representations of senior citizens in the UK and Portugal (Study 2).
  • Understand the impact of negative and positive societal representations of senior citizens and explore how negative representations might be reduced (Study 3).