Twenty-First Century Parliaments

Twenty-First Century Parliaments: How and why European parliaments are using internet? (Sofia Serra da Silva)

This is a project on e-engagement supply of European parliaments. I will analyse how are parliaments using internet and ICT in the service of enhancing and evolving the process of democratic representation? In specific how are they using these tools to strengthen the relationship between them and citizens and to promote citizens engagement? Secondly, having assessed the overall level of European legislatures’ e-engagement supply we will be in a position to push the analysis further and disclose the factors that could explain the different patterns across countries and parliaments: which political and institutional factors account for the variations between European parliaments?

This study seeks to make the case for the importance of parliaments under the opportunities brought by the emergence of the information age, arguing that technological development could lead the way on how parliaments engage more effectively with public and improve the way they work in order to become more genuinely representative of their electorates, more accessible and accountable to them, more open and transparent in their procedures, and more effective in their key tasks of legislation and oversight of government.